Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Aim of the policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all of our product provided by the Ensonore. We often need to obtain personal information from our customers. We acknowledge the need to maintain the confidentiality of private and exclusive information.

Please read the Ensonore Privacy Policy carefully and fully understand how we collect and use your personal information so that you can make choices.


Data that collect from you

Ensonore may automatically collect, use and share different kinds of personal informations:

  • data when you provide for registering for the website and processing an order, for example, customers' full name, email address, home address or telephone numbers.

  • Technical information, such as the Internet protocol ( IP ) address, referral Uniform Resource Locators ( URL ), traffic to and from our sites, your login information, browser type and activities, time zone setting and operating system and platform.

  • information about your visit, such as Device ID, user interaction data ( your interaction with our service, your marketing promotion preferences ), duration of page.

  • additional information that required by applicable national laws to authenticate or identify you or to verify the collected information.

Usage of data that collect from you

Ensonore may use the above data to:

  • design personalised products and services

  • ensure continuous provision of excellent services including product sales, repair and inspection, after sale services.

  • share with our subcontractors, for example, payment providers and credit rating services, to determine fraud, credit and security risks.

  • provide you with marketing promotions in line with any preferences that you have indicated.


Securing your personal data

We are the sole possessor of the collected personal information. We will never sell, trade and share with third party.

To avoid the loss, misuse or modification of your personal information, Ensonore take appropriate technological and operational precaution. 

All your data collected only stored for the period that is 
necessary, and you have reserved the right to access the data gathered, exchanged and used.

If any personally identifying information is collected or transmitted to a third party, these information may not be guarded by Ensonore and no longer fall under the security protection of Ensonore.

Information related to online purchase in our store will be protected by encryption technology.


Definition of Cookie

A cookie is a small text file that are placed on your web browser or servers, with information about your navigation on that website.

Purpose of cookie

The purpose of Cookie is to improve your web experience and help to create tailored data according to your preference.

With your consent, Cookie allow the website to analyse your traffic data, usage statistics and purchase behaviours. It may set parameters for Google to provide engaging and relevant items and advertising to customers.

These information like your IP address allow us to enhance our site to match your preference and provide better online shopping experience to you. 


You have the right to opt out of the use of our Cookies if you do not wish to allow us from using your date. Please make necessary adjustment in your browser's settings. However, our site may be less tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you wish to access or exercise your right toward your personal information, please submit your request by writing to Ensonore's customer service department through .

Your rights 

The following is the right that you have:

  • the right to check what information that we held

  • the right to access your information that we held

  • the right to request us to change the incorrect data 

  • the right to ensure our policies and practises related to personal information 

  • the right to unsubscribe from receiving our email about marketing promotion 

  • the right to opt-out from free newsletters which offer to inform you about our latest product and promotion 


Updating this policy

Ensonore reserves the right to alter, add or delete this policy at any time. If we make a substantial adjustment to this policy, we will provide you with online notification at least 1 month before and obtain your express consent as required by law.

Your consent to the latest version of this policy is obtained at anytime you use our site. We purpose that you should check this page occasionally to see if there is any change.

Ensonore reserves all rights and final decision in an event of conflict.