3 Online Meeting Tools To Be More Productive in 2022

Meetings are an unavoidable thing in 2022. And an even more pressing requirement? A useful tool for meetings. Meetings, on the other hand, have become more of a problem than a solution, with organizations spending about 15% of their time in meetings, and those in more senior roles spending 50% or more of their time meeting with their team members.

Finding a reliable and secure video conferencing software for virtual meetings may appear to be a daunting task — but have no fear! We've compiled a list of the top three meeting tools for team leaders and project managers looking to boost meeting productivity in their organization.

3 Best Meeting Tools make meeting more effective:

1. Zoom

Best Tool For Video Meetings

Zoom is the undisputed leader of meeting tools. You can use Zoom to create a recurring digital meeting room, host up to 100 participants for free, and enjoy collaborative features such as screen-sharing, a whiteboard, and the ability to call in via phone (or simply use Zoom's mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices).

Zoom offers free HD voice and video, and private messages and breakout rooms enable individual collaboration among team members. The free capabilities of Zoom are an excellent place to start and can be enough for smaller operations.



2. Calendly

Best Tool For Coordinating Meetings

Anyone who has attempted to plan a meeting with many collaborators (all of whom have busy schedules) understands how challenging it can be to wrangle everyone into the same spot at the same time for a meeting. Calendly has truly distinguished itself as a meeting tool to be reckoned with.

By handling all the tedious work once users have disclosed their availability, our productivity and scheduling application reduces some of that burden. To choose the best day and time for a meeting, it collects data from the schedules of the attendees. Depending on the specific requirements of a business, this tool provides both free and premium versions that can cost up to $12 per month.



3. Slido

Best Tool For Interactive Communication

Because they are worried about business repercussions or criticism from coworkers, many meeting participants find it difficult to voice their concerns. Slido is a cutting-edge meeting technology that encourages a more welcoming atmosphere for candid communication, resulting in effective meetings.

Slido is a meeting application that enables participants to exchange knowledge or ask questions from their laptops or smartphones throughout any session. Polls are another tool the meeting facilitator can use to involve the team and audience. The best part is that users may decide whether or not they want their participation to remain anonymous, allowing for a more open and useful dialogue.




Organizing productive meetings doesn't have to be challenging either, especially with the range of digital tools available to promote more productivity. It won't be difficult for those that embrace the expanding world of digital meetings and meeting tools to save money, time, and advance with bigger and better ideas to advance their firm.

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