3 reasons why invest in a Video Conferencing Camera

When I discuss video conferencing cameras with colleagues and customers, they frequently push back or dismiss it as unnecessary. "An additional camera is overkill," I'm told, or "IT wouldn't allocate that kind of bandwidth." However, I believe that video conferencing cameras are one of our industry's most underappreciated and misunderstood technologies.


Below are three reasons it’s worth investing in Video Conferencing Camera:

1. Better video at any resolution

2K cameras include 2560 x 1440 resolution, higher quality optics and faster processors. Video calls or recordings at 2K/30fps can provide a smoother and more immersive viewing experience at 30fps.

2. Lossless zoom

Because of the high resolution sensor, 2K cameras provide near lossless digital zoom when rendering 1080p video. That means you can zoom in up to five times with minimal quality loss when using video for applications like telemedicine, quality assurance, or film editing. When using digital zoom, lower-resolution cameras will drop resolution or resort to "filling" in blank spaces — you can't zoom in to pixels that don't exist.

3. Beyond video calls

These cameras have excellent image quality and can be used for non-video conferencing applications. Just because it's a conference cam doesn't mean it should only be used for conference calls. 2K cameras can and should be used with streaming and recording applications, many of which are now 2K capable.


A video conferencing camera’s superior image quality, higher frame rates and ability to support recording and streaming make them worth the incremental investment.

Enfokus, is a feature-rich all-in-one camera that helps to naturally and effortlessly capture video conferences. Its 180° camera automatically zooms in and focuses on whoever's speaking, and the smart microphones and speakers isolate speaker audio, creating a high-quality experience for in-office and remote workers. It works with all popular video conferencing services and applications and is easily set up with a USB connection. 


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