Working from home? 10 Video Conferencing Dos and Don'ts of Video Conferencing

Major advancements in technology have drastically changed how and where we conduct business with more people working remotely, the rise of instant, on-demand communications and the globalization of businesses. These are methods to be more successful and efficient on conference calls as more and more firms go remote. Here are ten dos and don'ts that I believe improve the overall video conference experience.


1. Turn off your microphone when you're not speaking

Even if you are the only person in the room, Background noise may be an annoyance and hinder the flow of any meeting. You need to keep an eye on the video settings. Before delivering a two-minute monologue that no one will hear, make sure your microphone is muted.

2. Make sure your room is well lit

Few things are more unpleasant than attending a business meeting while feeling as if you're conversing with someone in a dungeon. To brighten up the conference, use natural light from windows or just switch on the overhead light in the room.

3. Wear appropriate clothing

I get that wearing a business shirt and athletic shorts, especially if you work from home, can be enticing, but dress as if you're meeting face to face. You never know when you'll have to get up out of the blue or whether your camera will collapse. For your video calls, dress neatly and professionally.

4. Make sure your wall decorations are work-appropriate and your surroundings clean

After a bender, if your room resembles a college dorm room, tidy it or find another place. This includes your workstation as well! Multiple coffee mugs, dishes, and rubbish should not be on the table.

5. Test your microphone before you have video call

Test it by video conferencing your colleague before the meeting especially if the encounter is essential. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to express something important and being unable to communicate adequately due to low audio quality and volume.



Position your camera too low or high

During video conference meetings, strange camera angles can be incredibly distracting — and unpleasant. Make sure your camera is at eye level and pointed at the conference monitor. Avoid position your camera too low, high or hooked onto a different monitor.

Check or read emails or articles while on the video call

This also includes doing additional work beyond the call.  It’s easy for other participant’s to tell if you aren't fully focused and present during the video call.


It’s important to remember that video conferences are essentially in-person interactions that allow businesses to communicate more effectively. To attain the optimize level of conversion, you are required to equip a video conferencing camera which boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and overall promotes collaboration. 

Enfokus is an all-in-one camera that helps to naturally and effortlessly capture video conferences. Its 180° camera automatically zooms in and focuses on whoever's speaking, and the smart microphones and speakers isolate speaker audio, creating a high-quality experience for in-office and remote workers. It works with all popular video conferencing services and applications and easily sets up with a USB connection. 

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